Number SPH24000B0NSZ
Nextech 24 inch Transparent Advertisement case
Spec. Transparent display, items viewable inside the case.
Support USB flash, without computer
Plug & play after turn on the power
Connector: USB/HDMI/VGA

Product Introduction

Nextech 24” Transparent Advertisement case

Super eye-catching Advertisement machine finally launched !

This player is totally public broadcasting oriented machine. No management request, no need to
connect to a computer system, just an USB Flash Drive!
Built-in USB interface, simply plug in a pen drive a video file, it can be automatically broadcasted via the
Multimedia Advertisin
Player, totally no need to connect any computer, DVD or other device.

Metal case provides Rapid heat dissipation, durable, reliable, and simple which is suitable for public
application. Built-in VGA/HDMI, Connectors make the system be also applied for generic purpose.

 Distinguishing Features:

The max resolution: 1366X768
Component Video Connector: VGA, HDMI,Built-in speaker
Support Flash USB Player, No need to access thru computer.
OS: support Win8, Win7, and all the OS before Win7, android, Linux, DOS, MAC






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